Bella’s Little Miracle

Bella’s the fifth Samoyed in my life; my family had owned them since my birth (and before then): either pups, or rescue adults. They’ve consequently always had a special place in my heart. Like our previous Samoyeds, Bella was – and still is – cheeky, characterful, beautiful and adorable, with the most wonderful temperament, but – unlike our previous Samoyeds – she began to suffer from alopecia a few years ago, which left parts of her body completely bald.

This was exacerbated by the appearance of small round areas of red, weepy skin that seemed to come and go on her neck and back in particular, often forming brown crusty scabs. Naturally, we were very concerned about this, and took her to our local vet, who carried out various tests, the results of which were inconclusive. I felt dissatisfied with this, feeling that Bella deserved better treatment, and after some research, contacted Balanced Being.

Bella was soon in the consulting room with me and Sue Armstrong, who carried out a very thorough investigation. This immediately put me at ease: she was very friendly and professional, as well as showing a genuine interest in her patient. Sue tentatively diagnosed Alopecia X, and prescribed a homeopathic remedy for Bella, as well as taking blood tests – Bella had been previously diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid. It was found that the medication for Bella’s underactive thyroid was being administered at too high a dose: it was adjusted accordingly. In addition, Bella was taking medication to counteract the effects of SMI (sphincter mechanism incompetence), sustained when she was spayed as a youngster. This medication was found to have promoted the alopecia in Bella – although it was not a direct cause – and was swapped for a different treatment. In addition, Bella’s diet was changed, and further homeopathic remedies were administered over the next few months.

The effect was almost immediate, as well as being dramatic, and better than I could have hoped for. Bella’s fur began re-growing almost at once, and the inflamed skin calmed considerably. Over the months, she became a different dog; she was always a typical, lovable Samoyed, but understandably her health issues had impacted on her demeanour, rendering her a bit glum, especially when we showered her with medicated shampoo, and put her coat on to protect her skin from the elements. Now, little more than six months on from our first appointment, Bella has more fur than before, and she is more alert and interested in her surroundings. As a result of her arthritis improving, she moves more easily, and she even wants to play again! Generally, her quality of life has improved hugely. Although Balanced Being is over an hour’s drive from our home, it’s worth it to see the remarkable change in Bella. It’s almost like having a puppy again – no mean feat, given that Bella’s 12!

I can’t express how grateful I am to Sue for all her help, and can only say good things about the other staff members at the practice as well, who have always been friendly and helpful. I would recommend Balanced Being without hesitation, and will continue to consult Sue for the rest of Bella’s life. Thank you Sue!




Louis and Enzo’s Story

Louis was pre owned, a Birman X Ragdoll, a breed known for being gentle and affectionate? NO, not this one! He came to me with “an attitude problem”. He could be affectionate and charming if he wanted food, but would engage all four paws, and teeth and swear very loudly, if you attempted to groom or medicate him, or move him from where he wanted to be, such as a work surface. He was very quickly became the scourge of the neighbourhood, a dictator, he was quarrelsome and intimidating, would fight anything on four legs, including a German Shepherd, no cat dared to put a paw in the garden, they traversed it balanced on trees or fence. He was arrogant, haughty, and as one neighbour put it “looks at you as if you have trod in something nasty!” He stood up to everyone, kill or be killed was his motto, would dice with cars in the road, he used to sit in the middle. Folk had to, and did, drive round; Lorries would mount the kerb, he would just glare at them and refuse to move! He was much worse at night and it seemed would go out looking for trouble. You could hear him fighting two streets away! He even took on a fox in the back garden one night, (horrendous sound effects!), and ended up with a bitten face but the fox did not return! But the major subject of his aggression was his brother Enzo, an anxious looking, (with every reason!), sweet, sensitive, sympathetic company loving little cat. He seemed to be deeply jealous of him, he fought him almost daily, with teeth and claws, and I would come home to what looked like a cotton wool farm with tufts of cream hair everywhere!

Last autumn, after poor Enzo got bitten again, resulting in a yet another abscess, (the sixth to date!), they both took a trip to Sue. Enzo had his remedy first, Louis’s had to be ordered. Within days Enzo became more confident, the next time Louis spat at him he stood his ground instead of fleeing, his look said ” in your dreams” , Louis looked slightly put out, but did not go further, it was very amusing to watch. Louis’s remedy, some days later, returned, or revealed, him to be a delightful, affectionate, softer cat, who now likes being groomed and sitting on laps purring. He is still feisty, swears occasionally but with less intensity and is less aggressive, engages his claws less frequently, the atmosphere in the house is different, it is less strained, less tight, softer. Enzo looks less anxious, has had no more bites and neighbourhood cats are now able to walk across the garden without being attacked. People who knew him and his previous behaviour think I have a new cat, and I suppose in a way I have!! All due to homeopathy.