Puppy party


Being a puppy can be fun and a little bit crazy, but sometimes both owner and pet need some advice!

We run Youth Clubs to advise you on young animals and to help with any early niggles in your puppy’s early days.

Puppy parties are also regularly run in the clinic. They run one evening a week for 6 weeks and are supervised by Dawn, our Animal Care Assistant, who is a trained behaviourist. She covers general behaviour & life skills training for your puppy and is there to answer any questions you might have as well as supervising socialisation which is so important in a puppy’s early days. Sue Armstrong talks about diet and nutrition and will also cover annual health checks, worming and any other general health questions you might have. They are a fantastic way for you and your puppy to learn new things, as well as strengthen your bond. It also allows your puppy to get used to coming to vets without anything ‘nasty’ or ‘scary’ happening!

Please feel free to pick up the phone or ask at reception next time you are in.