Clinical Nutrition

At Balanced Being, clinical nutrition is just as important as any other form of treatment or surgical procedure for your pet. Not only can many conditions or ailments be improved with the correct nutrition, the correct diet can often help to prevent certain conditions too.

We spend time researching our manufacturers products to ensure that we stock, what we believe, to be the most natural and balanced foods for your pet. Sue Armstrong is a strong advocate of high quality raw food feeding and she is currently the veterinary advisor for Natural Instinct working with their team to formulate excellent raw food diets for dogs and cats.

We understand that different people with very different lifestyles have different needs and that raw food feeding does not suit everyone. We are happy to go through the pros and cons of each different type of feeding with you.

Clinical nutrition also involves the use of bespoke diets for different clinical conditions e.g. cancer, kidney disease, liver disease etc. We will again go through different ways to feed your animals when they have illness issues to suit your lifestyle.


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