A little bit about your trainer:
Dawn graduated at Bishop Burton College in 2005 after studying a BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour and Training degree. For many years Dawn worked at Dogs For Life where is gained valuable hand’s on experience.

It was here she met her best friend Indiana a fearful Labrador that taught her so much about going against the textbook of dog training. In her spare time Dawn also attend various courses as part of the Kennel Club Accredited Scheme for dog training and canine behaviour – KCAI.

Dawn has a successful business – No Longer In The Dog House which keeps her busy running her own companion agility/obedience, puppy classes as well as taking private one to one lessons – and her house visits are proving immensely successful.

Dawn also runs the Balanced Being puppy parties covering general behaviours and life skills training your new puppy will encounter in its first year off its life. The puppy parties are very important to begin the learning process and socialization for any puppy.

Behavioural Clinics are also running at the practice now where Dawn will be on hand to discuss any problems with your dog and do some training also. You may be struggling with behaviours either at home, on walks or maybe a nervous dog coming into the practice. The clinics are designed to allow you to work as a team and encourage the needs of you and your dog. There will be plenty of homework!

What is a Behavioural Clinic?

Behavioural Clinics are designed to help you and your dog work through your problems and help you teach new behaviours. Dawn’s aim is to build your relationship again with the aid of health, diet, behaviour and training.

You may be struggling with behaviours either at home, on walks or maybe a nervous dog coming into the practice. The clinics are designed to allow you to work as a team and encourage the needs of you and your dog. There will be plenty of homework!

Perhaps going to the vets has become a bit of a traumatic time as your dog has become older due to the nature of needing to go more often when your dog is ill. Regular opportunities and handling can help your dog to become less apprehensive about coming into the practice and making it a positive experience.

You may just need some advice on dog training or behaviour that can also be looked into. Training plans can also be developed alongside the guidance of a vet.

What types of clinics are offered?

Behavioural – These are Vet Referral based priced at £75 for two hours. It will be essential to have a follow up. Your consultation includes a written report with a personalised training plan and email support.

Behaviours can include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression – Fear/Frustration.
  • Nervous or hostile behavior.
  • Acute Changes in behavior.
  • Inter dog relationship problems

General Training and Advice:

This involves a 1 hour consult priced at £45 – this includes training homework and a small training session. Recommendation will be generally made to make a house visit for the follow up which will be an additional cost.

Training advice can include:

  • Leadwalking
  • Recall
  • General Control and Manners – jumping up etc
  • Handling – for grooming/ veterinary inspections.
  • Excessive behaviors – barking, mouthing etc
  • Teenage Tantrums!

Dawn will contact you prior to you appointment for what to bring and expect of your appointment,

Telephone Consults

Priced at £18 for a 20 minute chat.

Generally these types of consults are offered after your initial consultation as Dawn will know the case and have worked with your dog.

What Can I Expect From My First Consultation?

Dawn will sit with you and your dog in a calm environment and discuss the situation. This will involve a wide range of questions, some you may feel are not relevant to the current case but it all works together. The aim is gather information about your dogs behaviour so that we can work together to get to the bottom of why the behaviour is occurring. Dawn will then explain to you why you dog is showing the behaviour so that you can understand it from your dog’s perspective. Understand how your dog thinks, learns and lives is the first step of the training programme. Dawn will also explain the different aspects of the training programme and she may demonstrate particular training techniques.

What Happens After My Consultation?

You will be sent a detailed written report following the consultation and Dawn may give you some initial instruction to take home with you to get started with straight away. Dawn makes her reports as detailed as possible and aims to get them to you within seven to ten days. Dawn will also report the training plan to your vet after the consultation.

In all cases it is important that you keep in touch with us so that Dawn can monitor the progress of your training plan. If your dog’s behaviour is not improving Dawn may need to alter the emphasis of different aspects of the programme, or suggest alternative courses of action with the direction of your vet.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

Appointments for a Behavioural Consult can be made via your Vets recommendation and via our reception.

General Training and Advice consults can be made at any time via our reception.

Even if your dog is not a patient of Balanced Being we can still register you for behavioural work only. Dawn would require a full history and veterinary consent before we can start any behavioural work.

For all enquires and appointments please call Reception at Balanced Being 01937 543860 or email dawn@balancedbeing.com