Balanced Being Centre has been designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere for you and your animals. Our consulting rooms are large with all consultations being conducted seated and time given to your animal before we handle them to give them chance to feel more at ease. In our surgical, ward and kennel areas we have taken care to design the facilities so that animals cannot see procedures being carried out on others and we make sure that cats and dogs are in separate wards to reduce stress.

We have two operating theatres, radiography, ultrasound, ECG and endoscopy. We have IDEXX veterinary laboratories on our doorstep so nearly all our diagnostic testing is carried out to the highest standard by one of the worlds leading veterinary laboratories with no time delay or in-house testing quality issues.

Whilst our Out of Hours is provided by Leeds Emergency Vets, any animal that is in our centre and requires overnight care will not be moved at night as we do not feel that this is in our patients best interests and we will provide 24 hour on site care for them.

For the most difficult time at the end of your pet’s life, we have a dedicated room called Reflections so that you do not need to be hurried out and you or other relatives can visit if they wish later in the day. We keep a book of remembrance that can be visited at any time and we are always happy to welcome all our owners back to Balanced Being with or without an animal, as we know how much the practice can be part of peoples lives particularly when animals have needed a lot of care at the end of their lives. Owners old and new are very much part of our practice.