Balanced Being Veterinary Centre offers integrative veterinary care of the highest standard for small animals both as a primary care centre for all your animals needs and as a referral centre for complementary medicine particularly for animals with chronic disease problems such as cancer and autoimmune disease. For referral cases we will work with your conventional veterinary surgeon and they will remain as your primary care vet. The integrative approach involves tailoring the treatment protocols for the individual animal and includes good diagnostics that are of paramount importance, conventional medicine and surgery, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutraceuticals, herbs and various physical therapies e.g. chiropractic. Our centre has been designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere for animals and owners where we try hard to provide animals with a positive experience of ‘going to the vets’. Simple things such as all our consultations being seated and giving a little more time before touching and handling them go a long way to helping animals feel more at ease.

We offer a specialist complementary medicine referral service for equines. Sue Armstrong has a particular interest in racehorses and performance horses and has considerable experience with the use of homeopathy in these sectors. We do of course offer this referral service to all equines of all shapes and sizes. We will require a referral from your conventional veterinary surgeon who will remain as your primary care veterinary surgeon.

A look at our services page will highlight the many types of treatment that we can use to provide a unique integrative treatment program for your animal.

We look forward to welcoming you and your animals to Balanced Being.